Monday nights are usually low-key if not anxious: the week looms.  Perhaps we should bring lunch to work?  But Le Jazz Hot has created a scene for musicians, listeners, and swing dancers at Le Colonial (which, I’m told, used to be Trader Vic’s), every Monday night from 7-10 PM.

I took my camera there on Monday, August 8, and captured these three performances by Paul Mehling, guitar, vocal, and leader; Sam Rocha, Isabelle Fontaine, guitars; Jeff Sandford, reeds; Clint Baker, bass.  And a variety of swing dancers, most expert, with our friend Leslie Harlib twirling and dipping at the bottom right of my frame.

Paul began with his own version of wild-eyed Harry “the Hipster” Gibson’s Forties drug-hallucination-fantasy, STOP THAT DANCING UP THERE:

Nothing could follow that except a peaceful song — pastoral rather than hallucinogenic — so here’s Carmichael’s SKYLARK:

And in another mood, the 1920 warning, beloved of Sophie Tucker and jazz bands alike, SOME OF THESE DAYS:

Make the scene at Le Colonial some Monday — it’s at 20 Cosmo Place in San Francisco; it has a very intriguing Vietnamese menu.  No cover, no minimum, nice acoustics.  To quote Slim Gaillard, “Very mellow.  Very groovy.”

5 responses to “LE JAZZ HOT: MAKING THE SCENE ON MONDAY (August 8, 2011)

  1. What a “Monday” treat for those who have this kind of music available to them in their town…I love it. If my mind and heart was in tune with my body, I would find me a partner and dance the night away. I can’t do that, but I can enjoy listening,…and I DO!! Thank you NM

  2. hey this is awesome but it NOT THE HOT CLUB OF SF (which you saw at the Napa Valley Opera house) !!!!! This is clearly LE JAZZ HOT like it says right in front of the band on the banner, the posters in the lobby, the business cards on the table and the banner right there in front of the BAND!
    Please change this before we get sued for copyright infringement, seriously!
    and thanks for all of the nice Promo! See you again!

  3. Tech note: when I get these Jazz Lives posts in email, the links look like this: “…watch?v=LbxQH5vD6M8…” Took me quite a while to stumble onto them being Youtube links. Is it possible to include the full link title so that when one clicks on it, it takes you straight to YT without having to type in http://www.youtube.com/ etc

  4. Dear Joel,

    Sorry about the mysteries and the attendant distress, but it’s the nature of WordPress and of blogs that come through emails. Emails aren’t designed to carry full videos, I was told. So you could do one of two things: subscribe to JAZZ LIVES by an RSS feed (thus it would come up on your Google home page), or you can assume that a video link on one of my pages goes to YouTube: that’s the way I’ve been working for the past three years. (Another way would be to go to http://www.jazzlives.wordpress.com. directly). In the next life all of this will be easier! Thanks for reading and watching, Michael

  5. Sorry, dear Pazzo, I was unaware of the banner, etc. I was focusing on the music, so I apologize for my transgressions; I wouldn’t want to call down the wrath of your solicitors Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel. Seriously, I didn’t understand the multiple personalities of this hot band — call ’em what you will. Cheers, Michael

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