That generous fellow Tom Warner took his video camera to the Glacier Jazz Stampede in Kalispell, Montana, just a few days ago, and captured this wonderful performance by John Gill’s hot band, the Yerba Buena Stompers — of SWING THAT MUSIC.

My heart gets a chill when I hear this song (especially when it’s taken at the just-right tempo it is here) not because the room is chilly, but because it summons up the Fountainhead, Louis Armstrong.  And the members of the band feel this too: touched by the glory of Louis!  Watch John Gill’s face break into an even broader grin when Chris Tyle exhorts the band to SWING! in a deep evocative voice.

What joy!

The YBS (in this incarnation) are John Gill, banjo and vocals; Conal Fowkes, piano; Clint Baker, tuba; Kevin Dorn, drums; Tom Bartlett, trombone; Orange Kellin, clarinet; Leon Oakley, cornet; Chris Tyle, cornet and vocal.

I hope that the joy these musicians send out into the world bounces back to them every day: they deserve it and more.  And that wish includes Tom Warner, my hero for moving forward during Kevin’s solo to make sure we could see those sticks in motion.

Swing out, you cats!

P.S.  I’ve never been to Kalispell, Montana . . . this makes me wonder what the early part of October 2012 holds for me and the Beloved?  I’m going to check out http://glacierjazzstampede.com., and I suggest you do likewise.

I do know — not to have jazz festivals compete for your attention — that the Yerba Buena Stompers with a similar personnel will be at the 32nd Annual San Diego Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival (http://www.dixielandjazzfestival.org) and I most assuredly am going to be there . . .

15 responses to ““SWING OUT, YOU CATS!”: The YERBA BUENA STOMPERS SHOW US HOW (October 6, 2011)

  1. Hi Michael!
    Thanks for your nice posting here of the great Yerba Buena Stompers performing at Kalispell in the 18th Annual Glacier Jazz Stampede. This was Judy and my 5th consecutive year at this festival, and it’s one of our very favorites especially when this band is in the schedule!
    Here is a video at the same venue that I captured in 2008 with plenty of footage showing the dancers in action. Challenge – see if you can see a recognizable face among the dancers on the dance floor.

  2. Thank you, Tom . . . for making Kalispell come to New York!

  3. Furthermore: I see Eddy Davis (pre-beard), dancing with the nimble Bridget Calzaretta, as well as Paul Asaro as part of another couple . . . it’s like PEYTON PLACE IN SWINGTIME without any of the naughty bits. Do I win the frost-free refrigerator / freezer?

  4. Michael,
    You do win a prize, but sadly it is NOT a frost-free refrigerator / freezer. It is a good used toaster of your choice. Just drop by at any one of your nearby thrift stores, purchase the one that you like best and send me the receipt. I’ll send you my personal check for the purchase up to $5.00. Yes, I know, I am renowned for my generosity, but please don’t spread it around as I don’t want folks to think they can take advantage of me. 😉

  5. They’re teasing me. . . .no schedule yet? C’mon!

  6. You’re right again, NM! This music is JOY!! I don’t think there will ever be a time when there won’t be musicians like the YBS, to swing out with “Swing That Music.” Thanks to people like you, Tom Warner, and Rae Ann, I get to enjoy this great music that makes me smile, foot tapping out the rhythm, and know that the reason for the chills up and down my spine is that I have just heard something fantastic!

  7. If you’re referring to San Diego, there is indeed a tentative schedule posted on their website, http://www.dixielandjazzfestival.com., and it is a wow!

  8. the only problem with the Yerba Buena posting was that there was just one!
    Loved seeing Clint on tuba and hearing that clean drum solo playing the melody.

  9. Howdy Joel Albert!
    Try this one on for size ~

  10. Joel, try this one –

  11. Hi Ida!
    You are a sweetheart! I’m tickled that you like all this great stuff, and of course I know that you have a genetic predisposition to enjoy this music.

  12. Tom…ummm hmmm! A drummer that reads. I am jealous (a little). Periodically, I enjoy an orchestrated break from the free flowing stuff. Nicely done with no raggedy edges

  13. This band killed. Clint Baker, on tuba, drove all us two beat freaks on home!

  14. Just for fun, here is another one with a delectable vocal by Mr. John Gill.

  15. gio herman ravanello

    such a great band ! true sound this is my favorite trad.jazz played
    with two horns in the front line (like the original Yerba Buena JB in Frisco
    after the 2nd WW and following the King Oliver Creole JB from the 20’s)
    I only apologize that I’m leaving so far in Italy even if I’d the peasure to be
    in San Diego…….many years ago. FANTASTICO !

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