Reprinted from the British newspaper THE MIRROR — in a column entitled “The value of Louis Armstrong’s signature revealed,” written by Jamie Breese — an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW in print form:

Q: I’ve got a book titled ­Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans printed in 1956 and autographed “Satchmo Louis Armstrong”. The autograph was obtained at a book signing in London. Is this worth anything?

– David Ayres, Rainham, Essex

A: Louis Armstrong, or “Satchmo”, is a 20th Century icon. A similar copy complete with autograph sold in the US a couple of years ago for approximately £150. This book would appeal to a jazz collector and at that sort of price it’s an ­affordable slice of history handled by one of the jazz greats.

Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/advice/money/2011/10/16/antiques-expert-james-breese-reveals-the-value-of-a-piece-of-cake-from-prince-charles-and-diana-s-wedding-a-satchmo-louis-armstrong-signed-book-and-a-1936-beano-115875-23490375/#ixzz1bWJ1WsoB

3 responses to ““IS THIS WORTH ANYTHING?”

  1. Nah. He just more or less invented jazz trumpet. As we all know, the definition of a useless art

  2. Now I wish I’d called the blog POUND PLENTY, although the joke might have been far too esoteric for all but those devotees of that ancient art and its icon. . . .

  3. I suspect Pops would’ve laughed his ass off, although I say that for no reason in particular. Or maybe told the questioner to go pound sand, as they said in my (very old) neighborhood in Philly

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