That’s CLEMENTINE — as celebrated here (thanks to Rae Ann Berry) by the Bay Area All-Stars, recorded at Nick’s at Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, California, on November 14, 2011 — under the aegis of the San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation.

As soon as they started with the verse, I was hooked.  Then I happily followed along with Bob Ringwald at the piano, the heroic Marty Eggers on bass, Bob Schulz on cornet (floating along behind the beat in the best 1932 Louis manner), Jim Maihack on trombone, Scott Anthony on banjo and vocal (offering the sweet, silly, irresistible lyrics).

Something for Bix, Tram, Venuti, Challis, and Goldkette — and now everyone knows how to pronounce the lady’s name — rhyming with New Orleans, not with “wine.”  A lovely hot vignette!

4 responses to “SHE’S FROM NEW ORLEANS!

  1. Great group!! I love to hear Bob Ringwald on the piano,,,Lois Daily forwards me some of the things she gets by Ringwald..He’s not only a fantastic pianist, his sense of humor is also fantastic,,,,Thanks you NM

  2. great group would like to hear more from them.

  3. There are perhaps a half-dozen other YouTube clips on “SFRaeAnn”‘s channel — all waiting for the right viewer!

  4. Bill Gallagher

    Nick’s at Rockaway Beach was the venue of my mother’s retirement party quite a few years ago. She was regaled by many admirers and even an official mention from the mayor, but nothing on that scene compared to this band. Oh, if only they could have given her this send-off.

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