Daily Archives: December 1, 2011


Look closely at the faces of the people you pass on the street or at your workplace.  See how many of those faces are full of tension; how many people look as if they would like to relax but are putting it off for their two weeks off.  Now focus on yourself: are you taking it easy?  To bring it to the more familiar subject of JAZZ LIVES, do you feel as if you are the sound of Freddie Green’s guitar or of Jo Jones’ hi-hat?  Do you float along as if you were a Benny Carter solo?  Or is your inner music ORGY IN RHYTHM by Art Blakey and colleagues?

I am writing this post to nudge my readers in the direction of a new blog, full of compassionate, easy-to-swallow wisdom . . . affectionate thoughts to help anyone get through the day with sweetness rather than strain.

It’s Lorna Sass’s new blog, REFLECTIONS OF A LIFE COACH, and you can read about breathing easily here:


And if all of this sounds oddly digressive to you and you wish I would go back to posting videos and writing about Boyce Brown, I do understand.  But let’s never forget that the lovely music we so admire — say the voice of Lee Wiley singing SUGAR — requires proper breathing.  Had Lee been as tense as some of us are, we’d never listen to her records.  Purr, don’t gnash!