is a vote for exuberance with subtlety beneath the roistering.  And since Henry “Red” Allen used to exhort the audience at New York’s Metropole to applaud his sidemen by saying, “Make him happy!” he is JAZZ LIVES’ way of symbolizing what we hope awaits everyone in 2012.

The photograph below was taken by the fine reedman John “Butch” Smith at New York’s fabled Metropole in 1964. It shows Henry Red working very hard to spread his own kind of musical entlightenment:

But a still photograph can only show so much.  How about bringing Mr. Allen alive, although in glorious black and white?  Thanks to Bobby Hacksaw for alerting me to this YouTube video from 1963, with Red and his rhythm section blazing through CHERRY:

From http://www.whascrusade.org. I learned that the WHAS Crusade for Children has been in operation since 1954, devoted to helping children with special needs in Kentucky and Indiana.  What path brought Red and his quartet to their television studios, I don’t know, but we are certainly thankful that this performance exists.  Henry “Red” Allen lives!

13 responses to “A VOTE FOR RED ALLEN . . .

  1. 3 cheers for Red! Hip Hip, Hurrah, Hip Hup, Hurrah! Hip, Hip, HURRAY!

  2. Should I take it that you approve?

  3. Like Lester Young and that Louis fellow, Henry was an untrammeled force of nature, carving his own paths and always landing surprisingly but gloriously. But you said it better.

  4. VERY NICE!!!

    MY MAN!!!


  5. Red Allen gets my vote. a wonderful player and showman. early 60`s i would hangout at the metropole and hear Red Allen , all the time. I also got to play with Franklin Skeets, Reds bass player in the 70`s. what a sweet man he was and good bass player.

  6. 20 minutes after the end of his tune, my meter says my blood pressure is approaching normal.

  7. I’m relieved … wouldn’t want to be responsible for your ending up in your cardiologist’s waiting room!

  8. And this New Years, Drink Hearty, but stay with your party!

  9. At these words, why do I see the label of a 1946 RCA Victor 78 in front of my eyes, Doctor Hacksaw? What is the name of this syndrome?

  10. I too saw Red at the Metropole when I was a kid. He signed my menu “To Paul, “Nice” Henry Red Allen”. I see it everyday in my home office. Great player and nice man.

  11. I used to see Henry RED Allen in the 60’s while in the NAVY.. Great performer all the way, also Cozy Cole and many more…. Thank you all, Gramppie Santheson RM2 COMSIXTHFLT …….

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