Photograph and source material courtesy of Enrico Borsetti

It’s not yet 9 PM in California (where I am writing this) but it will be midnight in New York City.  So let me join in the imagined chorus and wish all the readers of JAZZ LIVES deep happiness in 2012 and the future.

When in doubt, let these words guide you through 2012 and onwards!

The custom, for some, at the end of the year, is to look back sadly at those we have lost.  I’ve felt those losses, and I know you have too.  But at this moment, let us celebrate the artists who continue to give us so much joy, and those new players and singers we will come to discover in the New Year.  Thanks, you cats, for swinging so!

5 responses to “A JAZZ MANTRA FOR 2012

  1. Stompy Jones

    The pleasure and the good fortune have all been ours. We’re lucky you’re there. Long may you wave — or rather swing.

  2. “SWING YOU CATS” ~ Well..sure it is a great mantra… even if it is not so original. Also is great a a marketing tool for the website.. I applaud the notion and will help keep the beat in motion!

  3. SWING YOU CATS in 2012 !

  4. Happy New Year to you and The Beloved!!

  5. And back at you — wishing you level but interesting terrain and sunshine!

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