“THAT’S GROOVY, MAN!”: EV FAREY and FRIENDS (January 15, 2011)

Thanks to the good offices of Rae Ann Berry and the NOJCNC (New Orleans Jazz Club of Northern California) http://www.nojcnc.org/ the Beloved and I wended our way yesterday afternoon — Sunday, January 15, 2011 — to CHAMPA, a Thai-Vietnamese restaurant in El Sobrante, California, to hear Ev Farey’s and Friends (an extra-special version of Bill Reinhart’s Port City Jazz Band).

The band featured Ev on cornet; Clint Baker on drums and vocals; Robert Young on piano and vocals; Bill Carter on clarinet; Steve Drivon on trombone (the esteemed Jim Klippert sat in on a few numbers, making a trombone section), Stewart Zank on banjo; Bill Reinhart on bass.

It was a good band.  No surprise to me once I saw some of its members.  Farey is a veteran who has a lovely middle-register sound and conception: his phrases build on one another and have surprises concealed in them.  Bill Carter is a heroic voyager: an honor to meet him and Robert Young in person.  And to watch and hear the energetic Mr. Klippert.  The other fellows on the stand created ringing melodies and kept good elastic time.

As for multi-instrumentalist Baker, I don’t think anyone should be allowed to visit the Golden State without hearing Clint play live.  If he’s not here, you just have to wait patiently until he returns.

Here  are two selections — representative and groovy.

An exuberant WHEN MY DREAMBOAT COMES HOME with a vocal by the temporarily invisible Robert Young — my camera angle, not his insubstantiality, is at fault:

And a gutty CARELESS LOVE with a vocal by Clint Baker, who moans about what happened to him:

Learn more about the Port City Jazz Band (they have two CDs) here.  And if you would like to see and hear more videos from that pleasant afternoon, do visit Rae Ann’s YouTube channel (“SFRaeAnn”); she was there with camera and tripod as well.

2 responses to ““THAT’S GROOVY, MAN!”: EV FAREY and FRIENDS (January 15, 2011)

  1. this was wonderful fun…. what a treat. Is the Carter on Clarinet the same one who played for Professor Plum? I Remember Klippert with the outstanding Magnolia JB – it was a special surprise to hear his growly tbone there and to see that he can now keep his feet on the floor— every once in awhile Ihave seen him in various sit ins and it is always a memory maker… Robert Young played with my beloved Golden Eagle jb (they are the reason I became besotted) so it is always great fun to run into him in the “center of the world” Northern CA…. He and Clint are so overgifted with talent, it leaves the rest of us quivering with jealousy. Speaking of ?Clint, I ran across some decades old pictures and as soon as I can get my act together I will facebook them- such wonderful memories these pictures evoke! Stay well MIchael.. we shall see you at Jazz!

  2. Dear Madam,

    Please tell Laurie Whitlock that we love her — when you see her next! Your faithful servant, JAZZ LIVES

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