Thanks again to Franz Hoffmann, dispersing gems lavishly to us.  Here is a twenty-one minute excerpt from a concert recorded in autumn 1974 and broadcast on UK television as BIX BEIDERBECKE AND THE KING OF JAZZ.  The New Paul Whiteman Orchestra was made up of the best British jazzmen old and young: Duncan Campbell, Freddy Staff, Tommy McQuater, John McLevey, Dick Sudhalter, trumpet and cornet; Johnny Edwards, Harry Roche, Ric Kennedy, Keith Nichols, trombone; Harry Smith, Al Baum, Graham Lyons, Derek Guttridge, Ken Poole, reeds; Paul Nossiter, clarinet; John R.T. Davies, alto sax;  Harry Gold, bass sax; Pat Dodd, piano, celeste; George Elliott, guitar, banjo; Peter Ind, string bass; Martin Fry, tuba; Jock Cummings, drums, percussion; Reg Leopold, John Kirkland, Louis Harris, Kelly Isaacs, Bill Reid, George Hurley, violin; Chris Ellis, vocal; The New Rhythm Boys : Paul Nossiter, Keith Nichols, John R.T. Davies, vocal; Alan Cohen, conductor.  The songs performed are BIG BOY (by a small group); LOUISIANA, ‘T’AIN’T SO, HONEY, ‘T’AIN’T SO, I FOUND A NEW BABY, THERE AIN’T NO SWEET MAN THAT’S WORTH THE SALT OF MY TEARS, and SINGIN’ THE BLUES.

Thanks go — in plenitude — to the late Richard M. Sudhalter, playing new solos and encouraging his bandmates to do the same . . . and making these arrangements come alive again.  Without him . . . . none of this would have happened.  We miss him.


  1. Thank you so much for this, never saw (or heard) Sudhalter perform before, though of course have read him well. I can’t help but comment that this post somehow coincides with a recent interest in Bill Challis (esp. his arrangement of “‘Tain’t so”) I’ve picked up this week after listening to the Dick Hyman Bix CD. So, thank you sir!

  2. Albert Haim There is also a three part BBC program from 1975 where the late Richard Sudhalter talks about Bix and plays his music with the New Paul Whiteman Orchestra..

    Part 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WgBSkyXFZg
    Part 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eBvt2ZzciI&feature=related
    Part 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANI8gZWDOdo&feature=related

    Richard was a multi-talented individual. See my obituary in the Mississippi Rag.

  3. Just a stunning performance! Thank you.

  4. Beautiful stuff, thanks!

  5. I viewed some other clips of Richard Sudhalter’s New Paul Whiteman Orchestra — one of them was wrapped around an interview, in which his articulateness shone — but I had not seen this wonderful one and just watched it now in its entirety with great enjoyment. It contains some very nice passages of him standing to solo.

    A comment above describes him as “a multi-talented individual.” He certainly was that – musician, band leader, arranger, author/scholar, educator, journalist/jazz critic, foreign correspondent, and some roles I have likely left out.

    I considered him a good friend. I always caught him when he was in town or in Annapolis, we talked on the phone now and then, and I interviewed him a couple of times for articles. I do miss him.

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