APRIL IN ATLANTA! (April 20-22, 2012)

You need more for a great party than a football game and nachos.  Remember the guests make the occasion.  And the music . . . .

Just a reminder that the Atlanta Jazz Party is going full speed ahead — the great jazz artists there will include Rebecca Kilgore, Freddy ColeRichard SimonJohn AllredRuss Phillips, Chuck Redd, Harry Allen,Ed Polcer, Bob Schulz, Jon-Erik Kellso, Duke Heitger, Allan Vaché, , John CocuzziMark ShaneRossano SportielloMatt MunisteriBucky PizzarelliEd Metz Jr..  Add to this the Joe Gransden sixteen-piece big band . . . and you have a Party

I’m already arranging imaginary set listings in my head. 

Visit the AJP website  to learn more, make reservations, to get excited about what’s coming — this, the 23rd AJP.  So they know how to do it correctly to make sure everyone’s glowing.

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