Don’t worry about the details just yet.  Just bathe in the sweetly hot sounds of DIANE.  It comes into the ear like honey:

Here are the details for those who require them:

The session was recorded on May 9, 2011, at Duisburger Hof, Germany, in a series called Bernd Albani’s JAZZ LIVE — featuring these heroes: Duke Heitger, trumpet, vocal; Dan Barrett, trombone, vocal; Evan Christopher, clarinet, tenor sax, vocal; Bernd Lhotzky, piano; Dave Blenkhorn, guitar; Kerry Lewis, string bass; Jeff Hamilton, drums.

More?  You’d like more?  I agree wholly, so here’s the WABASH BLUES:

Extraordinary playing from everyone!


And the eternal plaint, BABY, WON’T YOU PLEASE COME HOME? — in a performance that’s full of surprises, and I don’t mean the key change at the end:

“Sweet, soft, plenty rhythm,” said Mister Morton.  And he was so right.

These four wonderful videos are gifts from “ulivids”    and YouTube — thank you, dear benefactors!

5 responses to “PRETTY / HOT: DUKE HEITGER’S “HOT JAZZ SEPTETT” in GERMANY (May 9, 2011)

  1. Great music from some of my personal heroes, too. We’ve had Dan Barrett, Evan Christopher and Duke Heitger to perform for Pensacola JazzFest and Jazz Society of Pensacola at various times. Besides, it’s my opinion that Duke Heitger is the handsomest jazz musician active today.

    Norman Vickers,
    Jazz Society of Pensacola

  2. Wow what great stuff …thanks for posting Michael & Thank to Jon & Matt for making it possible for me to see Evan, Duke & Dan up close at The Ear

  3. Duke and Evan once played in New Orleans (with piano, drums, bass, sax, and trombone too of course) for a dance-focused event I attended. It was probably the most amazing night of music I’ve heard in my life. I have a partial clip of “Tin Roof Blues” which blew the roof off the joint, but alas it’s not uploaded. At the time I had no idea who those guys were.

    Imagine my surprise the next day when, in Louisiana Music Factory, I encountered them both playing a set there. And then, I realized that I had seen Evan play the ‘Hot Licorice’ set at Sweet and Hot. I can’t escape that guy.

    Been a huge fan of both ever since! Thanks for these videos.

  4. Wonderful. And “Diane” as well. Jack Teagarden lives!

  5. You are so right — this is the song Teagarden introduced himself to the New York fellows with, one evening in Plunkett’s, a cappella. But correct me: he never died!

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