Wondrous, wondrous, lighthearted and heartfelt . . . Richard Rodgers’ and Lorenz Hart’s MANHATTAN performed here by three of my heroes: Andrew Hall on bass; Tamar Korn on voice; Dennis Lichtman on guitar and clarinet.  (They ordinarily get together as members of Dennis’ delicious band, the BRAIN CLOUD.) 

These three brilliant gliding musicians exist wholly in 2012, but the amiable ghosts of Lee Wiley, of Louis Armstrong, of Eddie Lang, of Fanny Brice, and a thousand others stand behind them — but no one is crowded.  Watch it here and wait for the second chorus! 

If this doesn’t turn your Manhattan — place in the imagination that may be three thousand miles from the actual location — into an “isle of joy,” email me and I will try to help.  I’m not objective, though: I applauded this video when it was over.

4 responses to “AN ISLE OF JOY

  1. Dee-lightful!! What a perfect title for this post!! Thank you NM..\

  2. where can I hear them? You makew them seen wonderful.

  3. They don’t need me to sound wonderful — check out Dennis Lichtman’s website to see where the Brain Cloud is playing next; Tamar shows up all over town (that’s New York City) but often with Gordon Au’s Grand Street Stompers and at a Brooklyn club called Harefield Road on Sundays — there’s also a Facebook page for Fans of Tamar Korn. Wonderful indeed!

  4. Great indeed, but I do love Ella’s rendering of the same tune with more instrument backing.

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