Who are Anna and Mattias?

Anna Pauline Andersson is a fine light-hearted singer; Mattias Nilsson is her pianist and future husband.  They will be giving a free concert on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, at the Swedish Church — starting at 7 PM.  Anna thinks there will even be a small gathering / reception afterwards where people can mingle and perhaps buy her debut record.

The church is located at 5 East 48th Street, New York, New York 10017 — and its website is — I hope your Swedish is better than mine, though.  But you can figure this out:


Onsdag den 28 mars kl. 19.00. Anna Pauline Andersson och Mattias Nilsson bjuder på en duo-jazzkonsert med utgångspunkt i den svenska viskulturen, i psalmer och folksånger. Här blandas svensk, traditionell musik med traditionella jazzstandards ur The American Songbook. Reception efteråt. Välkommen!

Anna tells me, “The concert we are giving is called (translated from Swedish) “Dual Traditions – The Meeting of Two Traditions,” where we combine Swedish folk songs and hymns with American traditional standards and hymns.  The duration of the concert is 1 hour.  So there will be both pretty, happy and swinging melodies as well as more traditional folk songs with a ‘hint’ of melancholy, which is so typical for Swedish folk music.”

Here is a video clip of Anna in performance — from Day to Night — with ISN’T THIS A LOVELY DAY into MOONLIGHT IN VERMONT.  Mattias is on piano; Lasse Lundstrom, string bass; Jonas Holgersson, drums:

And here is Mattias, exploring BLOTT EN DAG (DAY BY DAY):


Mattias’s website is and it is full of good music!

I think that we should welcome this most musical young couple to New York City.  Don’t you?

May your happiness increase.

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