TAKE ME TO THE LANDS OF JAZZ — 1948 and 1949

These postcards (being sold on eBay) have a certain poignancy for me — not only because I can’t get to these occasions by any means short of the paranormal — but because when I go down to Greenwich Village in New York to hear jazz at Smalls, for instance, I could walk to these fabled sites.

Read the postcard, close your eyes, and imagine the band!

I can hear Benny Morton and that rhythm section . . . and I’ll bet there were some serious blues played that night.  Worth $1.25.

Three of the finest cornetists / trumpeters one could imagine — with Gowans and Marsala, James P., and that Bechet fellow.  Have mercy.

Well, it is reassuring to know — even at this distance — that such things happened — not once but often.

May your happiness increase.

5 responses to “TAKE ME TO THE LANDS OF JAZZ — 1948 and 1949

  1. Hmm… I think I’d even go up to a buck fifty on that second line-up…

  2. Marvin Dunenfeld

    Could I have my poster back?

  3. I could only dream of seeing Champion jack, WOW,
    so cool

  4. Happy to say I and my friends went to all of Bob Maltz’s events those two years. Got Mezz Mezzrow to sign his book, Really The Blues, at one of them. (Still have it.) Helped Maltz “promote” them, by writing a story about them for my school paper, The Madison Highway (James Madison H.S. in Brooklyn) for which Bob supplied the photos. To be fair about the tab, ten-cent subway rides had to be added to the cost of the eveniing’s enthralling entertainment

    Heady times.

  5. Lucky you! Which musicians seem most memorable to you?

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