There was Chicago’s South Side in the mid-to-late Twenties.  There was Fifty-Second Street in New York for a decade starting in 1935 or so.  There was always Harlem and Kansas City . . . but these three advertisements speak to me of a Golden Age that was happening before I was born.

Let’s get prepared.  We need some money, acetates for my Presto disc cutter, several cameras, rare Okehs and Paramounts for everyone’s autograph . . . and be sure to let your parents know we won’t be home early.  All set?

October 8, 1948:

The Beloved has her back cushion.  We’re all set!

December 3, 1948:

We’ll swing by Emily’s house to pick her up: Eric, Noya, Jon-Erik, Matt, and Kevin are meeting us there.  If anyone tends to get carsick, they have to come by subway.

March 25, 1949:

Gordon, Veronica, Lena, and Tamar promised they’d come.

Enough fantasy, perhaps.  All I know is that one of these evenings would have changed my life.

May your happiness increase.

6 responses to ““NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR TABLES” (1948-49)

  1. Nancie Beaven

    I was 14 in 1948 the first year my parents let me go to NYC with my brother to Central Plaza, Stuyvesant Casino, and in the next few years: Nick’s, Condon’s and Jimmy Ryans! I had no idea then how very lucky I was!

  2. You were, and you are. Now get in the car — there’s room for you, too!

  3. Nancie Beaven

    I’m IN!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful times. Beautiful times.

  5. We will definitely be there!! Willie Smith with Joe Sullivan, Muggsy, et al… DEFINITELY!!

  6. I can’t believe it. While attending NYU in the 40’s i spent my my Fridays at the Stuyvesant Casino and later at The Central Plaza. Pitchers of beer for
    2 bits and great unheralded musicians taking the bandstand one after the other, What great nights. And what great music whose sounds I hear still!

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