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I’ve met the effervescent Nancie Beaven only once in person, but through a long cyber-correspondence we have become the best of friends.  It’s not only because of the music, but she has an indefatigable graciousness and grace.  I count myself lucky to know her!

But I never thought that Nancie would become one of the many (unpaid) JAZZ LIVES roving correspondents.

When we all learned of Joe Muranyi’s death, Nancie sent me these candid shots of Joe, playing with Jon Seiger’s All-Stars at the Hot Steamed Jazz Festival — either 2008 or 2009 with among others, bassist Lynn Eberhardt and drummer Russ Debona . . .

Photograph by Nancie Beaven. Copyright 2012.

Imagine that sound.

Photograph by Nancie Beaven. Copyright 2012.

As you can hear Louis say on concert recordings, “Come on, Joe!”

Photograph by Nancie Beaven. Copyright 2012.

We miss Josephus!

Thank you, Joe Muranyi.  Thank you, Nancie Beaven.

May your happiness increase.


Musicians onstage at Smalls jazz club (183 West Tenth Street, Greenwich Village, New York City) perform in front of a large poster of Louis Armstrong, smiling, fashionably decked out in his new London togs, circa 1932.

It wasn’t my imagination — you can see for yourself — Louis was smiling even more blindingly for the first two sets of April 5, 2012, when trumpeter Jon-Erik Kellso and pianist Ehud Asherie — deep musical friends — created one delightful improvisation after another.  (Echoes of Louis and Earl Hines!)  And seated near me was portrait photographer Lorna Sass, who has generously shared two portraits with JAZZ LIVES.

Jon-Erik and Louis. Photograph by Lorna Sass. Copyright 2012

Here’s the first set.

The Rodgers and Hart THOU SWELL — for Bix or just for fun:

Something very sweet and heartfelt, by Sissle and Blake — LOVE WILL FIND A WAY:

Did you see a bunny?  It’s our pal COTTON TAIL:

THANKS A MILLION (for Louis — and only Jon-Erik plays the sweet verse):

More Sissle and Blake!  A romping I’M JUST WILD ABOUT HARRY:

James P. asks one of the few questions really worth asking: AIN’T CHA GOT MUSIC?

Ehud Asherie -- both of him -- at the piano. Photograph by Lorna Sass. Copyright 2012

Second set:

Something for and from Tom Waller: UP JUMPED YOU WITH LOVE:

Did you go shopping?  I FOUND A NEW BABY:

Another delicacy from Louis — IF WE NEVER MEET AGAIN:

Let’s swing a while with SWEET SUE:

You knew CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.  But I’ll bet your fourth-grade history teacher never taught that C.C. “used the rhythm as a compass”:

I was smiling broadly, too.  You can see and hear why, can’t you?

May your happiness increase.