TONIGHT, TONIGHT! (May 4, 2012)

To anyone who grouses about jazz being moribund, I would offer these bits of late-breaking evidence.  Perhaps only New Yorkers will be able to take advantage of these beauties, but they exist and are heartening. 

Tonight, from 5-7, the wonderful pianist / composer Michael Bank (a student of life and of Jaki Byard) will be leading a septet — his Big 7 — at Somethin’ Jazz at 212 East 52nd Street between Second and Third Avenues.  Michael tells me that the fare will be originals — which I look forward to!

And I am going to get in a cab and rush from the Upper East Side to Greenwich Village, to Smalls (183 West 10th Street) to hear the always-gratifying saxophonist Andy Farber lead a sextet: Dominick Farinacci, Vincent Gardner, Xavier Davis, Michael Karn and Ali Jackson. “New music and some older stuff that my uncle Mitch wrote for Donald Byrd and Jackie McLean.”

I can’t wait.  Come join me!

May your happiness increase.

2 responses to “TONIGHT, TONIGHT! (May 4, 2012)

  1. Rarely have I been so jealous of you New Yorkers (it is a constant state, mind you, just not this intense) – a Farinacci-Diehl do at Smalls was one of the greatest gigs I have been to. How was it this time, sensei?

  2. The music varied — vacillated — from the superb to the levitating. But JSA, if you can wait patiently (and I know you can) you will see video of everything. I am still vibrating from the hours of deep intense surprising music . . . ! Ali Jackson reminded me so much of Sidney Catlett in person — something I have only imagined, never experienced — that it was nearly a religious experience. You will see, my son! Love and MYHI to JSA!

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