We could go to this concert . . . even though a decade later, having been there might lose us our jobs as dangerous subversives:

The fact that the poster was red, white, and blue wouldn’t convince the House Un-American Activities Committee for a moment.

Or we could visit Lady Day, Duke, Anita, and Big Sid in California:

But perhaps we should stay closer to home, and if we’re lucky, eventually Mezz will stop playing and let someone else solo.  Imagine Pete Seeger singing with James P. Johnson accompanying him:

I can think of no better way to spend New Year’s Eve.  Can you?

May your happiness increase.


  1. I always think, when imagining being able to go anywhere, that I would stay right here in New York, but go to 1945. That way I’d could stay in my own place, which was right here in 1945, probably with the same fixtures, and go out to hear music. That would be my ideal. And I cannot think of anything better than what’s on this list!

  2. charliethechulo

    Pete Seeger, Champion Jack, James P., Mezz and Muggsy all on the same bill…amazing!
    Is “Charlie Castaldo” Lee Castle?

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