I took a few inutes out of my absorption in the Sacramento Music Festival (hooray!) to write this.  Tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 29, 2012, I will be at St. Peter’s Church on East 54th Street in New York City . . . to honor and praise our friend Joe Muranyi.  (Save two seats down front — the Beloved might be there too!)

Joe was greatly loved by several generations of musicians and jazz scholars for his playing, his wit, his generosity of spirit.  As Louis had learned so much from Joe Oliver, Joe Muranyi became this century’s own “Papa Joe” to many.  So I encourage you to do homage to the man and his sounds.

But there’s more.  Many people will speak about Joe, but there will be music.  Appropriately!  Among the players: David Ostwald, Mike Burgevin, Marty Grosz, Chuck Folds, Terry Waldo, Scott Robinson, Chuck Wilson, Marty Napoleon, Sal Mosca, maybe a few more. Ricky Riccardi will talk about his friendship with Joe and show two videos of Louis and Joe together.  I expect Michael Cogswell will have his own heartfelt memories of Joe.

I hope to see you there.

May your happiness increase.

8 responses to “A NIGHT FOR JOE MURANYI

  1. I’m in San Diego, but my heart will be at St. Peter’s.

  2. Regret I can’t make it from Pensacola. Hope you’ll video and post some excerpts. I met Joe a couple of times when he came to Pensacola with Eli Newberger and Jimmy Mazzy- and the M ‘N M trio ( initials of their last names) and at Satchmo Summerfest a few years back.

    Norman Vickers, Jazz Society of Pensacola

  3. Nancie Beaven

    My body will be in CT, but my heartwill also be at St. Peter’s!!

  4. Farewell, Joe. You will be missed, but you will live on in our hesrts and in our ears.

  5. victor horwitz

    Didn’t know who you were when I was in Sacto this weekend. Would like to
    have met you. I’m the guy who gives Docker Sox to musicians. Thot Rossano and Trick were outstanding stride pianists with their trios.

    First saw Joe Muranyi with the B Scum (Wellstood, Grosz and Sudhalter)
    at Hanrattys decades ago.

  6. petervacher@onetel.com

    Michael. Hope you enjoy the occasion – would love to be there myself. For you info, my Muranyi obituary is in the London Guardian newspaper today (it’s been on the website since mid-April). How about a scan of the tribute programme? Keep up the good work! Regards. Peter

  7. George Ziskind

    I don’t think Sal Mosca could have played at Joe’s memorial last nite (as was listed) since he died almost five years ago. Was his name on a list of participants that was given out?

    Very much dig your blog.

  8. Yes, it was on a list. Apologies, Sal! But the room was lively with the spirits and sounds of people who are technically dead but that’s only the coroner’s opinion. Thanks for the kind words, George. I video-ed the whole evening, so you will be able to see it in the near future.

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