First Andy mesmerized us with his cornet playing, then his pianisms (rollicking or pensive), then his tenor saxophone and clarinet.  Now . . . the pocket comb and a strip of paper — the kazoo’s elegant cousin — in tribute to Red McKenzie.

Marty Grosz told me that Andy uses real newspaper.  That boy’s got the right spirit, even if the WORLD-TELEGRAM and the JOURNAL AMERICAN (the papers of choice for Mr. McKenzie) are no more.

Here Andy leads an all-star band at the 2012 BixFest — thanks to Phil Pospychala.  Thanks to Tom Warner for the video, complete with do it yourself closeups for the folks at home.  Here’s an evocation of the 1933 “Mound City Blue Blowers” recording — unissued at the time — of GIRLS LIKE YOU WERE MEANT FOR BOYS LIKE ME, which featured Fats Waller, Benny Goodman, Bud Freeman, and Coleman Hawkins.

The other notables making such sweet music are John Otto, reeds; Frank Gualtieri, trombone; Jason Goldsmith, reeds; David Boeddinghaus, piano; Leah Bezin, banjo; Dave Bock, tuba; Josh Duffee, drums.

I hope that at the 2012 Jazz at Chautauqua, Andy and Marty get to do a small-group set together: it will be dynamite!  And I predict a run on the dollar stores once this video reaches its widest audience — for jazz combs, of course.

May your happiness increase.


  1. Great video! Funny you posted this today – we’re playing a party for a Red McKenzie fan tomorrow night and I’ve been watching this all week!

  2. Fantastic!! I tried it…It makes your lips tickle, and the song I was trying to play was unidentifible! Congratulations, Andy,,you were right on the money!! Andy and David Boeddinghaus are two of my favorite musicians,,,no wonder!!

  3. Rob Rothberg

    Andy and his gang gave the Bixfest two evenings of this wonderful music. At the time it seemed magical, and it still does!

  4. And he also plays the drums quite well, and perhaps other instruments! Talented guy, to be sure.

  5. For several years, Andy has regularly attendedand performed at a January gathering of jazz record collectors organized by Duncan Schiedt and Phil Oldham. It is a joy to see him perform.
    Tom Hustad

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