Photographs by Walter Fischer.

I know you all know these two highly recognizable individuals, but there’s a quiz below:

One . . .

Two . . .


Everyone suitably astonished, as I am?  Pencils ready?

Question: What song are they singing?  Points will be deducted for fanciful or offensive answers.

Question 2: Would they be the same height without top hat and high heels?

Extra Credit: Where can I purchase this Zenith radio?

May your happiness increase.

7 responses to “TWO RARE BEINGS, ONSTAGE, LAS VEGAS (February 19, 1962)

  1. You could probably find the radio on eBay, but Louis Armstrong and the physicist who was able to fit the bell of his horn through the grill would be harder to find (and you didn’t say you’d deduct for weird answers on the extra-credit question).

  2. Good morning, Professor Figg! You’re already doing post-doctoral work here . . . as we know. Thanks for the japery from across the miles. Love, Michael

  3. This date is barely over a year after Velma Middleton’s death, so I guess Mr. Armstrong was auditioning another vocalist? Seriously though, Jewel Brown appeared in the Goodyear film with him the next month and also in a released concert from June 1961. In between he recorded with Carmen McRae and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. So there was quite a bit of variety in Mr. Armstrong’s performances at that time. Great to see those photos. And pardon my lame attempt at a bit of humor.

  4. No jokes here. My guess on the song would be “Falling in Love Again”.
    Never saw these pictures before. Wonderful.

  5. The one and only German leg wonder, the great Marlene Dietrich & Pops, singing highly likely Kurt Weill’s & Bert Brecht’s “Mack The Knife”. Correct?

  6. Bill Gallagher

    Is there a song titled “Who Stole My Pants?”

  7. Marlene Dietrich, they would be the same height, can’t guess the tune, but here’s another picture.

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