FRANZ JACKSON: MILESTONE (the 95th Birthday Concert)

Please take a moment to visit the Kickstarter site to hear Franz’s daughter explain what she has started — not only a birthday celebration for Franz Jackson, the late Chicago reedman, but the 2-CD set of that concert.  This project is a loving one: her father’s love for the music and Michelle’s love for him . . . and it deserves your support.  If everyone whose life was gladdened by the music that Franz created gave a very small amount, the goal would be reached — and time is running out as I write this.  All contributions must be made by Tuesday, July 10, 3:46 PM, EDT, to count . . .

May your happiness increase.

3 responses to “FRANZ JACKSON: MILESTONE (the 95th Birthday Concert)

  1. A big handclap for Franz’s daughter!! She’s doing a wonderful thing by honoring her father, and promoting the CDs.

  2. Ida Melrose Shoufler… well said. Michelle worked very hard and she was successful…again! The girl is a wonder… of course her parents knew how to parent!!

  3. Dear Judi,

    Right! But do you know who Ida’s father was? The legendary and tragically short-lived Chicago pianist FRANK MELROSE, so Ida has music in her very large heart. May your happiness increase, Michael

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