This one’s for Chloe Lang.

I have a new obsession (among many) the singing, late and early, of Eva Taylor.  I’ve always been deeply connected to the song CHLOE (or CHLO-E) ever since I heard the recording Louis and Gordon Jenkins made of it.  And Henry “Red” Allen remains a hero.


Eva with a Clarence Williams group, 1928:

Red and his little recording / jukebox swing band in 1936:

And the Master of them All:

All three paths head — in their own ways — to Beauty.  I know someone will dismiss the first recording as “sweet” rather than hot, although the instrumental playing in the second half is quite delightful.  But the great tenderness of her voice!

And some will be put off by the chorus on the last recording, which for me works perfectly as a dramatic statement, the voices providing counterpoint to Louis’ soaring trumpet and voice that I would not think of changing.  (And the question “Is that you, honey?” is always appropriate.)

I cannot imagine a fault anyone could find with Red’s version.

Everyone’s entitled to deeply subjective “taste,” but I feel sad for the listener who cannot put aside the preconceptions and hear the Beauty.  Or, better yet, the Beauties.

May your happiness increase.

3 responses to “THREE PATHS, ONE RESULT: “CHLOE”

  1. Ugh, preconceptions…great stuff, in a word, beautiful. And “Chloe” remains one of my favorite standards, with Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Duke Ellington leading me to the swamp!

  2. Knut H Kierulf

    3 wonderful selections of a great song!
    I want to draw attantion to the fine 16 bars of altosaxophone on the Allen recording. It is by the great, but nowadays underrated Tab Smith!
    My happiness surely did increase!

  3. Casey MacGill

    I prefer the Ellington recording, a beautiful painting of sound, without those creaky lyrics…

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