Late July lends itself to a kind of peaceful slowing-down.  You can happily sit in a canvas chair, facing the garden, and watch the zucchini grow more monstrous by the hour.  You could watch the little birds skitter across the sand at your favorite beach.  You can make ratatouille.

All these pleasures are divine (although the zucchini can terrify) but they can be visited at your leisure.  I want to remind JAZZ LIVES readers who live in the Bay Area that a midsummer pleasure is coming to San Rafael on July 28 — like an eclipse, it will be here for a short time and once it’s gone . . .

Four extraordinary musicians will be having their own little jazz party.  You’re invited!

Rossano Sportiello (piano) and Nicki Parrott (string bass, vocals) will swing out with Hal Smith (drums) and Stephanie Trick (piano) in concert on Saturday, July 28, beginning at 5 PM at Dominican College in San Rafael — that’s in Angelico Hall, and the street address is 50 Acacia Avenue. Tickets are $30 apiece, and can be purchased here. Or you can call 1-800-838-3006, extension 1.  Don’t wait!  All proceeds from this concert will go to the Dominican College’s piano fund . . . they’ve bought a nine-foot Bosendoerfer, which is always a great thing.

So back away from that grill.  Put down that mojito. Only for a moment, mind you.  We hope to see you there!

Or, for the visual learners in the house, here’s your choice.

Armful of zucchini?

Or Handful of Keys?

May your happiness increase.

One response to “DON’T MISS THIS! ROSSANO, HAL, NICKI, STEPHANIE (July 28, 2012)

  1. About three years ago my other nephew Hal, who had come to my home for a visit (one of the major hightlights of my life) and told me to check Stephanie out on You Tube,,,I did, and was amazed at this young lady…Still am. I also listen to everything I can by Rossano Sportiello…another genius at the piano,

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