That’s Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Bunny Berigan, Buddy Rich, and John Huddleston, caught by a fan at Frank Dailey’s Meadowbrook in 1940.  All of them — or their signatures — can be yours here!

Thanks to hot man Chris Tyle for pointing me to this rare piece of paper, and to Berigan scholar / biographer Michael P. Zirpolo, who says  it’s authentic, based on calligraphy.

May your happiness increase.

One response to “ETSY MEETS TD, FRANK, BUNNY, BUDDY (1940)

  1. Michael,

    I am delighted to see that yet another fine bit of history is available for purchase by some lucky music aficionado.

    The Tommy Dorsey band played at the Meadowbrook in Cedar Grove, New Jersey from approximately February 28, 1940 until March 12, 1940. The next day, they opened a lengthy stand at the Paramount Theater on Times Square in Manhattan. Bunny Berigan joined them there on March 3. Frank Sinatra had joined TD only a couple of weeks before. Also in the TD band then were drummer Buddy Rich, and the Pied Pipers singing group, three guys and a lady. The lady was the most in-tune female singer of the swing era, Jo Stafford. John Huddleston was, I believe, Jo Stafford’s first husband. They were together during the years the Pipers were with TD (1940-43). He was one of the male singers with the Pipers. Another guy who had his eye on Stafford, Paul Weston, had been TD’s main arranger throughout the late 1930s, and was just about ready to leave TD to start his career as an independent arranger/conductor. In fact he and another TD arranger, Axel Stordahl, had “discovered” the Pipers a couple of years before in California, and brought them to TD’s attention. He later lured Jo Stafford away from TD and onto Capitol Records, and later still, lured her into matrimony.

    The whole story of Tommy Dorsey’s stand at the Meadowbrook in 1940 is told in “Mr. Trumpet” on pages 365-371. Those were incredible times for lovers of jazz and the best of popular music.

    Michael P. Zirpolo,
    “Mr. Trumpet…the Trials, Tribulations
    and Triumph of Bunny Berigan”

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