BEWITCHED BY BECKY (Sacramento Music Festival, May 2012)

She shall make music wherever she goes!

Becky is our own Rebecca Kilgore, and we are so lucky to be able to see and hear her.  I had the privilege once again at the Sacramento Music Festival.  There she was joined by Dan Barrett (trombone, narratives), and Rossano Sportiello (piano) for a number of wonderful sessions.

I marvel again at the lovely music that these three created for us.



and a Thirties tune that some associate with Connee Boswell, others with the Washboard Rhythm Kings, HUMMIN’ TO MYSELF:

In the presence of the highest art: such beauty is easy to love but not so easy to create.

And I should point out that even though Becky appears with a variety of combos — each one offering beautiful interplay between her voice and the players — the Rebecca Kilgore Quartet (formerly known as B E D) is still thriving!  (That’s Becky, Dan, Eddie Erickson, Joel Forbes.)  Coming soon to a festival / party / concert near you!

But for the moment, we’ll all go on being BEWITCHED.

These three video performances have been approved by the Canadian Film Board of Review.

May your happiness increase.

6 responses to “BEWITCHED BY BECKY (Sacramento Music Festival, May 2012)

  1. One of the most wonderful things about Becky’s singing is the seemingly effortless way she takes the most monstrous phrasing and turns into a purring kitten- try and sing some of the things she sings so beautifully and you will find yourself unable to make it flow as beautifully as she does, another is the way she works with her ensemble, no matter who is with her, they will rise to match her joy and ease without exception and thye all seem to click together in grace and beauty… the thing about Becky is that she is as beautiful as her music, she is never too busy to smile and exchange a word or two and her exceptional personal grace is echoed in her every move… one cannot help but be mesmerized by the beauty of her music and the gorgeous, generous person that she is. Of course it helps that among her entourage she has the impish and wonderful Eddie Ericksen, along with the enormously talented and kind (and beautiful) /Dan Barrett as cohorts…just to name a couple of the many.

  2. …and I marvel with you! The sweet velvety sounds of Becky are almost mesmerizing. Effortless, and wonderful to listen to. This post was pure enjoyment. Thank you NM

  3. You and Laurie and the CFBR are absolutely right. Count me among those bewitched by Becky.

  4. There’s always room for you and Mrs. Jones!

  5. Every note Becky sings is a Tecla pearl!


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