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I don’t want to suggest that Artie Shaw will be playing music anywhere soon, nor that my women readers should aspire to the Petty Girl . . . but this phrase is apt:

I have always thought that musicians play their very best when the surrounding environment is relaxed and they feel that they are among friends.  This isn’t to say that clubs, concerts, parties, and festivals are bad — perish the thought.  But some of the most uplifting music I’ve ever heard has been at house concerts, where the musicians are actually in someone’s living room, playing for appreciative friends.

This October 13-14 (Saturday and Sunday), pianist / singer Jeff Barnhart and banjoist Joel Schiavone are holding another JEFF AND JOEL’S HOUSE PARTY at Joel and Donna’s beautiful 1804 farmhouse in Guilford, Connecticut.

There’s only good news to follow.  The musicians are Joel Schiavone, Jeff Barnhart, Paul Monat, Pam Pameijer, Noel Kaletsky, Genevieve Rose, Ross Petot, Fred Vigorito, John Clark, Craig Grant, Bob Barta, Sal Ranniello . . . and two up-and-coming New Yorkers — young fellows with bright futures in the music business, Vince Giordano and Jim Fryer.  To read the biographies of the players, click here.

There are three sessions: Saturday 11-4, Saturday 5-10, and Sunday 11-4.  The afternoon sessions include lunch or brunch; the Saturday evening set will include dinner.  The liquid portion of the house party is up to you (a roundabout way of saying it’s BYOB, but there will be all the necessary improvements).

I will be there, but in an unusual capacity — sans video camera, actually able to use both hands to applaud — because this House Party has the great jazz cinematographer Eric Devine behind the cameras.  (Note the plural.)  So I’ll be able to relax, although I will report on the festivities when I return to New York. Tickets are on sale now — for single sessions as well as for the two-day fiesta, so don’t wait!  Click here  for pricing and ordering and all those needful things.  Tickets for the whole extravaganza are $225; individual sessions are $80.

I’m expecting that this will be a Jazz Band Ball!

Here’s some delicious video evidence from the first House Party — February 2012 — Bria Skonberg and Jeff Barnhart duetting on a lovely Django Reinhardt song, JE SUIS SEUL CE SOIR (I’M ALONE TONIGHT):

May your happiness increase.