This beautiful photograph — new to me — was taken in 1954.  The source is “Apic / Getty Images,” but it appeared on the Facebook page VintageBlackGlamour.

This is the iconic image for me — not the martyred heroin addict, bone-thin, clutching a glass of gin, but a woman in complete control of the music she is creating.

With Lester Young, Buck Clayton, Edmond Hall, Jimmy Sherman, Freddie Green, Walter Page, Jo Jones in 1937: an art that needs no one to remix it:

May your happiness increase.

3 responses to “SHE BROUGHT THE SUN TO US

  1. This picture seems familiar in some strange way. Is it just looking like some b/w photo?
    Love your comment on “the martyred heroin addict, bone-thin, …”
    I stick to the one I chose for my “Complete Billie Holiday Dsicography”
    And I love your headline too.

  2. Very nice photo.

    And ‘Cotton Comes To Harlem’ is a very funny film!~

  3. …and the moon and the stars.
    Thanks Michael.

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