This photograph has turned up again in the JAZZ LIVES archives.  It’s clearly a hot band, but little is known about the musicians.

One reader speculated that this was an otherwise undocumented Wooden Joe Nicholas street band — possibly playing FIG LEAF RAG before answering a request for MILK COW BLUES.

It has been proven through use of an electron microscope that the figure, far left, may be playing a green plastic alto, a precursor of Charlie Parker in 1951.

That the smaller trumpeter in the middle (with red shoes) may be Jack Purvis has not been ruled out, although he more strongly resembles Emmett Hardy.

It might be a Woody Herman small group.

May your happiness increase. 

5 responses to “IT’S A MYSTERY

  1. Not to nitpick, but “Fig Leaf Rag” was first recorded five years after the US patent office issued trademark #3369878 for purple and red pinstriped suspenders, so they would have been playing “That Moldy Strain,” on which “Fig Leaf” was based.

  2. My audience is gratifyingly erudite. Thanks for the facts!

  3. I think your suppositions are wrong. Mr Red Shoes is clearly Buddy Bolden, featured with his African Animal Band.
    Now you know!
    Carl Spencer
    Spencer’s Nighthawks

  4. I believe Britt Woodman once played with this group.

  5. Wrong,
    You are all “errudite” It’s Ina Ray Hutton with 2 [ count’em ]
    ” SIDEMEN “.

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