This one is, of course, for my Dish.  But I won’t mind if you play or sing it to the man or woman you love.

Thanks to Bob Barta, master of sweet jazz lyricism (more about him soon) for introducing me to this song.  Lyrics by Harold Adamson, music by Jimmy McHugh (1937), it’s a fine pop tune that I have found room for in my heart.  Much of this is due to the culinary mastery of Fats Waller — once you’ve learned the tune, listen again to this record for him . . . not only for his leisurely opening chorus, which takes up one-third of the performance, but for his delicious singing and the way his piano supports and propels.  No wonder Ralph Sutton used to get angry at people who unthinkingly said he (Ralph) was “better than Fats.”  There wasn’t anyone better.

Find your napkin and be prepared to enjoy yourself:

“Yum yum yum!”

May your happiness increase.


  1. “Yum, yum, yum!” And how!

  2. If Victor had been thinking, they would have put out a special 78 — YOU’RE MY DISH backed by RUMP STEAK SERENADE. Now, excuse me, I’m hungry!

  3. And to fill out the Waller album –

    You’re Not the Only Oyster In the Stew

    Liver Lips Jones

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  5. Thanks for citing an obscure gem. I reissued this on RCA years ago. Dinah and I have been performing Your My Dish for a long time. Al Casey, in his interview for me commented on how Fats could take an piece of sheet music and record it well in the first or second take.
    Mike Lipskin

  6. Love the flavor profile, and the sweet rhythm too!

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