My friend and student of Brazilian music Julio Schwarz Andrade says he approves of musicians “going out of their comfort zone,” as they do here.

But Julio and I agree that Howard Alden (tenor and seven-string guitars), Jon Burr (string bass), Pete Siers (drums), Duke Heitger (trumpet), and Dan Block (clarinet) create new comfort for themselves and us in their musical adventures.

Here are three stirring examples of musical wisdom, adaptability, and deep feeling.

The first is a trio performance of Jacob do Bandolim’s A GINGA DO MANE:

Duke Heitger brings Thirties Louis (and himself) to the Southern Hemisphere, sweetly, in DOCE DE COCO, (a love song, COCONUT SWEET) again by Jacob do Bandolim:

And Dan block rises to the challenge of sight-reading PAGAO (by Pixinguinha) nobly:

Music speaks heart-truths, no matter whether we can pronounce the titles of the songs or the composers.

May your happiness increase.

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