Thanks to Rich Conaty, our guide to so many good things, for pointing out this delightful vignette: Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong having a wonderful time on the Hollywood Palace television show, September 25, 1965 with contrpuntal lyrics and obvious love — for the music, for each other, for the simple pleasure of performing.  How good they sound!

This witty and hokey performance is a replay of what Bing and Louis did for their 1960 album, BING AND SATCHMO, with a few modifications.  Obviously no one wanted to give free publicity to the Maidenform bra company in 1965 — thus the reference to “fiberglass bra.”

If I could see this on television, I would buy a set once again . . . .

May your happiness increase.


5 responses to ““DARDANELLA”: BING and LOUIS, 1965

  1. Truly a wonderful selection to start my Saturday morning.
    Thanks Michael!
    Tom Warner

  2. Was that Bing’s shoe that flew off to the left when he spun around with that dance step?

  3. Two geniuses at play. What a delight!

  4. Phil Harris joins them in singing South Rampart Street Parade at 3:30 here:

  5. Yes, I think Bing accidentally kicked his shoe off, funny.

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