A studio photograph, a handbill for a band’s engagement in a hotel, and an autographed photo.  Where else but on eBay?

Here’s a photograph from the late Frank Driggs’ collection — showing the six-man brass section of the 1940 Duke Ellington Orchestra, with Tricky Sam Nanton, Juan Tizol, Lawrence Brown, trombones; Rex Stewart, Wallace Jones, Cootie Williams, trumpets.  Presumably that’s Jimmie Blanton’s string bass and Sonny Greer’s Chinese cymbal in the foreground.

DUKE'S BRASS c. 1940

And someplace we would all like to go, if possible.  Especially since the prices are so low:


And a rare remembrance of one of the nicest men in jazz, someone who should be better known today than he is:

Bennie Morton autograph

May your happiness increase.

4 responses to ““YOU NEED SPEND NO MORE”: DUKE, BENNY, BENNIE: TREASURES ON eBay (January 2013)

  1. Rosa Madreselva

    How I long to dance to “swing” with new and unexpected delight!

  2. Should I send a message to Ms. M? I like the prices at the Joseph Urban Room myself.

  3. Rosa Madreselva

    That would be new, and unexpected.

  4. That will have to be later in the run – BG was at the Urban for at least 6 months in late 1935 into ’36, but swing music had no name until well into that period. Still – what a great piece of history to go with those great radio remotes…

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