If you’ve been reading the dolorous saga of the Red Knapsack, you know that I have come to a decision.

Against the advice of my invisible accountant and my nonexistent financial staff, I have ordered another (identical) camera, batteries, tripod . . . the minimum.

Frankly, I have become so attached to the idea of video-recording the best music for JAZZ LIVES and for posterity that if I thought I couldn’t do it, I would be seriously depressed.

More than a dozen of my pals have suggested that I should start a Kickstarter program to raise money; I should solicit contributions.  “If there’s anything I can do, please let me know,” a number of dear people have written.

I am so uncomfortable asking people for money that it is nearly a phobia.  It may be that I am truly aware that I am a member of a privileged class, and that millions of people across the world would consider my privations to be an indescribable luxury.  How many people, after all, don’t have computers, cameras, blogs — you can finish the list.  A video camera is a serious luxury to people who aren’t warm or well-fed or well-housed.

But enough people have asked me to set something up, so I have.  It is a PayPal account, and I’ve seen that it works.

Now — in deep seriousness and sincerity — I am not counting friendship and love in dollars.  I will love you no less if you can offer nothing.  But I can promise you gratitude for anything you can do, comfortably.

So here it is.  And I will say no more about this subject.  Except THANKS TO EVERY ONE OF YOU.

Extra credit if you can identify the source of the title, too.

Here’s an appropriate soundtrack, I think — Henderson’s jaunty 1925 MONEY BLUES — with help from Louis, Joe Smith, and Hawkins:



And my readers and listeners and emailers have already increased my happiness a millionfold, so it is natural to write

May your happiness increase.

13 responses to ““EVERY NICKEL HELPS A LOT”

  1. I donated…
    hope you have camera soon!

  2. I saw. I embrace you (we would anyway!) and I will have a camera for my next trip to CTB land — before the Jazz Bash! I promise! Love to you and the Brood. See you soon, dear Man — Michael

  3. Donation made, with pleasure and gratitude. I like the way Aurelie sings it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGCUL7RbQo
    Of what does this “extra credit” consist?

  4. Dear Michael — My name is John Whaley — I am from Ireland and have been a long time jazz fanatic — went over to New York four years ago with my son and we went to the ” Ear Inn” where we met up with Jon Erik Kellso who turned out to be a very genuine and friendly individual — a lovely experience — on my return from NYC I have managed to keep up with the comings and goings at the ” Ear” and elsewhere , mainly thanks to the videos which you so kindly publish on the “Web” — I am returning to NYC in March of 2013 and hope to get down to the ” Ear” on Sunday 24th — maybe I might see you there — I am delighted to make a contribution to your camera fund — hope all goes well for you
    John Whaley

  5. “Shoe Shine Boy.” Good luck with the new one, Michael!

  6. I haven’t figured out the extra credit angle yet: will let your homeroom teacher know! Thanks, pal!

  7. Michael, I took a day to decide not whether to, but rather how much I should donate. I know that you have set up this at the request of so many of your followers (WOW – over 1400 and counting, I remember when that number was in the high 300’s), and that you are reluctant to solicit any help just to be made whole. Well, I hope that my contribution and those of the many other fans of ‘Swingyoucats’ and ‘Jazz lives’ rises to the level where ‘Your Happiness Increases’. Lord knows, everytime I open one of your Jazz Lives posts it’s like getting a surprise gift!! You certainly have not only made my ‘happiness increase’ over and over again, but you have instructed and educated me with your Jazz Lives insights! Though I’m sure it can become hectic on the road at times, tracking down all of this wonderful music and performance that you so selflessly share with us, which would otherwise be nonexistent as each played note pales into silence, I’m very thankful to you and ask you to keep up the good work! Now this misic can go on and on forever and forever with just a click or two on my computer which gives Jazz almost eternal Life and the capacity for infinite enjoyment!
    When I watch and listen to your videos, I often think to myself, ‘wow, how lucky can a guy get to ‘be there’ in person for all of these sessions and gigs’.
    I almost feel jealous in a way, but thanks to you (and the beloved I’m sure),
    I get to attend these vicariously. Now that I’m aware of what is actually available in live performance, I plan to start attending some in person. All thanks to you!
    Jimmy Mac

  8. My happiness is already scraping the clouds. Thanks to you, JM, and many many other people!

  9. david parkinson

    “Lord knows, everytime I open one of your Jazz Lives posts it’s like getting a surprise gift!! ” – Mr McIlhinney you have perfectly summed up my own feelings and those, I am sure, of many JazzLives readers. Which is why the decision to chip in was no decision at all really, more of a “must”. Thankyou Sir, and thankyou Michael.

  10. Jose Ramon Elkoro

    I donated…
    Thanks for music!!!!!!!!
    Gracias!!!!!!!!! Salud y felicidad!!!!

  11. Thank you — from mi corazon, dear Jose!

  12. It will be my pleasure to chip in (at the end of this month). Affectionately, Other Michael


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