Thanks to Alberto Lancia — of Facebook — for bringing this gem to our attention.  How remarkable to see this, nearly sixty years later — with Gordon Jenkins having the time of his life behind Louis.

Yes, you can point out all the negatives: that the BOPPENPOOF SONG was divisive (Lee Konitz said it turned him away from Louis for years.  More’s the pity.)  You can say that Eddie Fisher was a minor talent.

But the fact remains that the deep good humor in this medley is like the sun chasing the darkness.

May your happiness increase.

8 responses to “LOUIS and EDDIE FISHER at the HOLLYWOOD BOWL (1954)

  1. Merrilee Trost

    What a find!

  2. Oh, you know how much I love this! Should point out that Dizzy fired the first salvo with “Pops’ Confessin'”….a reply was only natural. (And Gordon Jenkins wrote the lyrics, so no wonder he’s beaming!) This entire episode is available to watch online here:


    All of the Louis is in the above clip but for those looking for an hourlong glimpse of the entertainment of 1954, look no further (Louis, Eddie Fisher, Peggy Lee….Rocky Marciano?).

    Yours in Pops,


  3. Yes, but no knitted beanies for us, all right?

  4. Robert D. Rusch

    louis is /was louis but this is not one of his finest moments but I’m sure the press loved it ironically he did record with ornette

  5. “Pop’s Confessin'” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN9q8oGNTMg) sounds to me like a tribute, not a demeaning.

    In fact, Pops and Dizzy had so much in common. Both genius ground-breaking soloists, both valuing entertainment values, and both great trickster clowns in the highest sense.

    And the video is worth it just to see Louis trotting out on stage with that beanie!

  6. Wow, whoever wrote this must have been born on another planet. Eddie Fisher was not a minor talent. He was one of the biggest singers of his era, and made millions of dollars with his recordings and TV show. Duh, who was hosting this program, your wonderful Louis (ugh) or that “minor talent”?

  7. “Ugh” is hardly an appropriate response, is it, Betty? Even if this writer (who recalls being born here) doesn’t share your enthusiasm for the late Mr. Fisher.

  8. Maybe I don’t get enthused by Louis’ music, I have nothing against him.
    I would not call him a “minor talent” either, what is approriate about that???????

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