If you read JAZZ LIVES, you know who The EarRegulars are — a compact group of highly inspired improvising musicians who invariably bring joy, most often found on Sunday nights (8-11 PM) at The Ear Inn, 326 Spring Street, Soho, New York — co-founders Matt Munisteri (guitar, vocal); Jon-Erik Kellso (trumpet).  But ROCA may be new to you — see here and find out more about the Rockland Center for the Arts, a quiet space in West Nyack, New York, lovingly watched over by our friend Lynn Stein, the Center’s Artistic Director.

The EarRegulars came uptown to West Nyack one Sunday afternoon about two months ago — December 9, 2012 — and played their own brand of beautiful music, serene and intense.  I was fortunate to be right in front of the band so that I could bring the sounds to you.  From the first note, it was a splendid affair — with clarinetist Pete Martinez and bassist Neal Miner joining in the fun.  See and hear for  yourself:

A famous set-cloer used as the opening, AFTER YOU’VE GONE:

Feeling optimistic, here’s WRAP YOUR TROUBLES IN DREAMS:

A Dixieland classic, FIDGETY FEET:

Neal’s feature on LULLABY OF THE LEAVES:

HAPPY FEET (no longer FIDGETY — with a few words about The Ear Inn from Skip Hayman):

THE NEARNESS OF YOU — for our very own Pete:

‘S’POSIN’ with a wry yet sweet vocal from Matt:

A wistful reading of AM I BLUE?:

And a rousing SOME OF THESE DAYS:

“The Fellas” (as regular Nan Irwin calls them) outdid themselves — but they do that Regularly.  Thank you, Matt, Jon, Neal, Pete, and Lynn!  (And without acting as anyone’s unsolicited press agent or manager, it does suggest to me that The EarRegulars could be hired for all sorts of concerts, affairs, private and public occasions.  Just a thought.)

May your happiness increase.

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