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Full glass

You know the expression that the glass is half full or half empty?  In “real life,” whatever that is, full glasses are meant to become empty.  Someone offers you a glass of water, seltzer, pomegranate juice, single-malt Scotch, Bosco, Amarone, Campari, iced tea . . .

But it is a valuable metaphor for perception.  What do you see when you look around you?  Full, half full, half empty?  In extreme cases, is the glass in bits?

But back to JAZZ LIVES.  My friends from near and far — people I know and those I might never see in person — have been VERY generous in helping me replace the equipment I lost.  (See LOST, LOST II, and NICKEL if all this is unfamiliar to you.)

Nancie B, Clint B, David S, Romy, Janie, Steve W, Nancy B, Eric E, Davy, Rochelle and Ray, Cornelis, Doug, Harriet, Miz Roo, Rob, Janie, Steve A, William C, Scott A, Uwe, Liam B, Jim and Rebecca, 軍司 善久, David P, DMP, Eric D, John W,  Ron C, Nick R, Carl S, Joan B, Dipper, RaeAnn, The AudioFixer, Joel P, Lorna S, Knut K, Rich L, Dan T, Marce E, Markus L, Ross and Gail, Michael McQ, James Mc, John S, Eric E, Bob C, Judy P, Hermano 1861, Bassface, Bob A, Candace B, Les E, Joseph V, Jose RE, Yvonne A, Julius Y, Shiraz S, Other Michael, Big Daddy Russ, Sue F, The Man in the Street, M. Figg, Jerome, Mister Leon and Ms. Brenda, Andreas K, Pete N, Laura W, Bill G, David McL . . . .

With friends like this, my glass can never be empty — because they will always be around to refill it.  And I hope to return the favor through music and words.  Every nickel — and every good wish and effusion of positive energy, every prayer — has helped a lot.

Love and thanks, Michael

Or . . . to put it the 1936 Connie / Connee way:


May your happiness increase.


Pianist / singer / actor / string bassist / composer Conal Fowkes always delights us — a sly wit, a romping pianist, a propulsive bass player, an all-around civilized man.


So it was a special pleasure to read Conal’s most recent good news, which I pass along to you.  He deserves the award and a great deal more.

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that I, along with my dear friends and colleagues Eddy Davis, Yrving Yeras and Lisa Yeras, won a GRAMMY at the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media for my work on the Oscar winning film Midnight In Paris.  I can be heard throughout the movie as the voice and piano of Cole Porter, played by French actor Yves Heck, and also as part of the Yerason Trio, playing “Barcarolle” by Offenbach, with Yrving and Lisa Yeras (violins) in an arrangement written for the movie by Eddy Davis. The news came as a big surprise but nevertheless a great thrill!

Let me take this opportunity also to tell you of a few up-coming gigs I have in the NY /Tristate area.

Sunday, Feb. 17th, I’ll be playing in duo with the amazing, ridiculously talented, Scott Robinson (various reeds, brass & sonic devices). Shanghai Jazz, Madison NJ. 3:30pm-5:30pm http://www.shanghaijazz.com/ This is an event run by the New Jersey Jazz Society so it doesn’t appear on the Shanghai Jazz website, but we WILL be there!

Thursday, Feb. 21st, I’ll be in a quartet with singer Barbara Rosene http://barbararosene.com/ — and Andy Stein (violin) and Pete Martinez (clarinet). Birdland, 315 W 44th St, NYC http://www.birdlandjazz.com/ This gig will be to release Barbara’s new CD “Nice and Naughty,”at the 5:30 pm show (one set).

Saturday, Feb. 23rd, I’ll be performing with veteran singer Judi Marie Canterino*, guitar legend Bucky Pizzarelli, and bassist Jerry Bruno, at the Church of the Holy Communion, Norwood, New Jersey: 5-6:30 pm.

*And a word from JAZZ LIVES: “veteran singer Judi Marie Canterino” sang duets with Jimmy Rushing at The Half Note — Spring and Hudson Streets — when I was there in 1972.  That’s a seriously impressive credential.

May your happiness increase.