One, two, three.  These treasures required a good deal of crawling around on the floor, but returning to childlike postures is part of the pleasure of record-buying.   This surprising Eden of discs is located at 320 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, Marin County, just north of San Francisco.

RECORDS One Mill Valley 3 26 13 005

Bessie with Joe Smith, Charlie Green, Buster Bailey.

RECORDS One Mill Valley 3 26 13 007

from the 1936 Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Album.

RECORDS One Mill Valley 3 26 13 008

circa 1974, autographed by The Man Himself.

I plan a return trip!

May your happiness increase.

5 responses to “A SUPERB RECORD STORE (MILL VALLEY MUSIC, Mill Valley, California)

  1. Many years ago (long before CD’s came out and provided so many reissues of sought-after LP’s) I used to pay some un-godly prices for 10 inch vinyls at a record store in Mill Valley called the “Village Music.” Is Mill Valley Music connected in some way?

  2. luigi lucaccini

    next time you are in town, come by for some coffee or…


  3. The owner, Gary, used to own Village Music . . . . or so I was told! But the prices were very reasonable here.

  4. Dan Morgenstern

    Nice store for sure, vanishing breed, but your Bessie is not worth anything…it’s a dubbed reissue from the posthumous album (no artwork, no annotation) that Hammond had Columbia (pre-CBS takeover) do.
    And the Bix is a later pressing–the first run is on the “scroll” label. So hope you didn’t shell out lots of bucks!
    (The sound on the Bessies was really poor, but that’s in keeping with what
    Columbia/SONY has done by her. Don’t know if the new cube CD issue is any improvement, but the LPs and CDs made from them are inferior, and
    vastly so, to the complete Bessie on Frog CDs, John R.T.’s last major opus,
    and a doozy.

  5. Thanks for the details, Dan! As always. I didn’t think at the time that either 78 was a real rarity, but the pleasure of finding Bix and Bessie 78s was enough in itself . . . worth the eight dollars’ total. A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY of sorts . . . cheers and thanks, Michael

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