Leave it to that intrepid scout Austin J. Casey to give JAZZ LIVES readers the ultimate fashion advice — courtesy of Hot Lips Page (and the Baltimore Afro American in 1945):

Hot Lips hair ad (1)

I feel beautified already.  Don’t you?

May your happiness increase.

5 responses to “FOR NEW FOUND HAIR BEAUTY, 1945

  1. Dan Morgenstern

    This is a great find, Lips was my main man! He had a great tale about such a product, named Konkoleene (sp?) which he and other band members applied only to wake up with most of their hair on the pillow (it grew back). David Baker had a similar story about a blues band he toured with…..Erroll Garner was the last of the users (in jazz world)….

  2. Michael and Dan M., thanks for this little reminder of how different things were in the days when processed hair was the epitome of cool. Two stories about that stand out in my mind. The first was told by Malcolm X, who once tried a home made solution on his hair. As it began to burn his skin and he was in a place where there was only a toilet bowl, he was forced to put his head in that and flush repeatedly to get desperately needed relief.

    The story Dan alluded to about Lips is in “Jazz Anecdotes” by bassist Bill Crow. Here it is: “We were traveling on the road, doing one-nighters, and some of us were sleeping at this rooming house. I came in drunk, and didn’t put my head-rag on before I got in bed. I was using lots of Conk on my hair in those days. My bed was by the window, and in the morning the sun came in on my head while I was asleep and melted the Conk right into the pillow. Then, when the sun moved off me, the Conk hardened up again, and when I woke up, the pillow was stuck to my head! Everybody else was ready to get in the bus, and I’m still trying to get that damn pillow off my head. We had to get the landlady’s teakettle and heat that stuff up until it melted a little, and then I could go on and get dressed.”

    Lips was beautiful.

    Michael P. Zirpolo
    “Mr. Trumpet…the Trials, Tribulations
    and Triumph of Bunny Berigan”

  3. Great story Dan… thanks for the belly laugh! – Strange/comical play on words tho, Snow White? — Heading out to jobs Herman Autrey would smell so good- asked him what he used- said his hair dressing was “Three Flowers – Brilliantine” – Those guys were somethin’ else… looked so sharp… “like a rat-turd on both ends” Cheatham would say. Good memories!

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  5. Thankfully, Mr Page is more likely to be remembered by history for his ‘Lips’ rather than his alleged sheen.

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