1.  Michael, are you in New York or in California?

That is not an easy question.  Email me at for my precise co-ordinates, updated minute by minute.  We’re working out a deal with the Doppler radar people on The Weather Channel . . . stay tuned.

2.  Why do you post so many videos?  I can’t keep up with them.  I’m overwhelmed.  It seems as though there must be two of you.

I’m sorry.  Creating stress was never my intent.  But I know all things are finite.  People, too.  Someday I won’t be able or won’t be around to do this, and some of my favorite musicians might join me . . . so I am doing what gives me pleasure now.  People who subscribe to JAZZ LIVES are under no obligation to watch or read everything . . . as long as the internet exists, I hope it will be here for you when you choose to catch up.  And there’s only one of me, which is a good thing in a one-bedroom apartment.

3.  Why don’t you post anything by my favorite band?

A blog is — for better or worse — an expression of personal taste.   I fully acknowledge that and even embrace it.  If you feel that the Caffeinated Hot Shots O’Rhythm aren’t sufficiently represented in cyberspace, I encourage you to start a blog and post some videos — the internet is wide and broad enough to encompass many people and many kinds of music.  If you’d like advice on how to create a WordPress blog, I will be happy to offer some.  

3a.  Musician X doesn’t appeal to me at all.  How can you post such stuff on your blog?  That’s not “jazz”!

See 3.  And for those viewers who find my taste annoying, I choose the restaurant analogy.  If a restaurant you have often eaten in has a dish you deplore — liver and onions, say —  on the menu as one of the daily specials, do you stalk out of the restaurant in a huff?  Perhaps you could pick something else on the menu rather than being annoyed at the chef.  And I’d rather not spend my time on the planet debating what “jazz” is . . . I’d rather do what I’m doing now.  It gives me immense pleasure.

May your happiness increase.


  1. Yo da man! I love what you do, and yes, we are finite so we might as well enjoy what/when we can. Again, I love what you do!

  2. I love that you close your posts with, “May your happiness increase.” Such a lovely sentiment, and one that radiates from you in person & in print! Great to see you at Smalls on Sunday, and we’ll catch up in person the next time you’re in NYC.

  3. Thank you, dear Hilary! Jazz (the music and the musicians who create it) has increased my happiness since childhood, so it seems only natural to hope the same for others. Keep lifting our spirits!

  4. I do so hope you post some videos by the Liver and Onions Stompers someday! My favorite band, next to the Dixieland Petting Zoo!

    Nice column, Michael.

  5. I think you are doing a wonderful job Michael!! Keep the wonderful music and posts coming!
    Judy Quehl

  6. Bill Gallagher

    Do you realize that for a Jewish man, your jazz tastes are quite catholic … and that’s a good thing because if everyone liked chocolate there’d be no vanilla. Who but you goes out into the rain and snow to videotape a great jazz performance while the rest of us are tucked away in our warm beds? We love what you do! Yo da man (squared)!

  7. Thank you for the blessing, Father William!

  8. Great post, Michael. You’re a person who seeks out talent, and, you have the ability to write about it….you also have a great sense of humor! Love it!!
    Thank you for archiving priceless material here on the Internet. Keep up the good work!

  9. I’m really glad that you like Our Kind Of Music and post your travels and videos so the rest of us may enjoy them. Thank you for all you do!

  10. Thank you, dear Marce, for all you do. But — you might have noticed — I like many Kinds Of Music!

  11. Giancarlo Russo

    Great and magnificent work from italian jazz fan,

  12. Dear Michael,
    let me congratulate you heartily on the International Jazz Day and express my best wishes to you, first and foremost there’re great Siberian healthiness and American prosperity. Thank you for your personality. You’re a real plodder. Thanks for perseverance. You’re the one who brought all of us (your readers) to fruition we’d enjoyably shared with you. Myriad of thanks. May your activity progress on and on. Sincerely yours, Mr. Touch.`

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