From Ben Selvin, 1930, with surprises from Jack Teagarden (twice), Jimmy Dorsey, and a beautiful hot dance orchestra, composed of Fuzzy Farrar, Bob Effros, trumpet; Jack Teagarden; Jimmy Dorsey, Louis Martin, Joe Dubin, reeds; Al Duffy or Mac Ceppos. violin; Rube Bloom, piano; Carl Kress, banjo; Norman McPherson or Hank Stern, tuba; Stan King, drums, kazoo; Smith Ballew, vocal.  New York, January 27, 1930:

But you’d like to hear the lyrics to this flip, almost naughty love song?

That band is credited as the “Majestic Dance Orchestra,” and the vocal may be by Scrappy Lambert.

Happy Father’s Day, all of you!

May your happiness increase!

2 responses to “MUSIC FOR JUNE 16: “THANK YOUR FATHER”

  1. Barbara Effros

    Thank you for posting – Bob Effros was my grandfather and Ben Selvin (great uncle) – am working on a project about “swing years”
    Your blog is awesome!! – mine just went up on Blogspot/Bob Effros -Jazz Trumpeter.

  2. Dear Barbara and Jonathan,
    Welcome to the jazz blogosphere! I’ve put your blog on the JAZZ LIVES blogroll, and look forward to more entries. We need to hear and know more about Bob!

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