The hour-long documentary, THE BOSWELL SISTERS: CLOSE HARMONY, is taking shape, harmoniously.  But harmony needs help — little bits of money from people who love the Sisters and would love to see the film, which promises to be full of audio and video never encountered before, including portions of the only video interview Vet Boswell ever gave . . .

I have refrained from using JAZZ LIVES as a place to ask people for money, even though I have been asked to do so by many worthy artists who have needed Indieagogo and Kickstarter to get their projects finished.  But I know the people involved in CLOSE HARMONY and I can vouch for their sincerity and diligence.  And (if you need such declarations before you can go on) I’ve supported this endeavor in a tangible mercantile way, too.

So I invite you to visit kickstarter and feed the kitty.  I should have added that my contribution was in memory of Jack Purvis, but that’s just an afterthought.  Even if you send three dollars — one each for Connee, Vet, and Martha, that would give the project a nice gentle kick.

May your happiness increase!


  1. Kickstarter and such would seem to be great places for funding jazz projects – that is, if the digerati are any significant part of the audience. I think many jazz people stick to traditional business methods because they perceive the audience as traditional.

  2. Paul, I know several jazz bands/bandleaders that have run successful Kickstarter campaigns – Glenn Crytzer, Gordon Webster, Mint Julep Jazz Band…

  3. Add Molly Ryan, the Grand Street Stompers, the Au Brothers to that list as well as several others.

  4. All well and good in the NYC scene where there is a tight cohort of younger fans. That’s not happening elsewhere, and may not.

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