“Yeah, man!” is the only apt response to this performance — captured live at the Louis Armstrong House in celebration of the day Louis believed was his birthday.  Here the effervescent Miss Bria Skonberg swings out (thinking of Valaida Snow, perhaps) with Dalton Ridenhour, keyboard; Adrian Cunningham, clarinet; Darin Douglas, drums; Jared Engel, string bass:

The sound of muted trumpet and clarinet over a rocking rhythm section is so warmly a reminder of Swing Sessions — think of Joe Marsala’s bands.

Recorded and preserved by Jim Balantic — another errand boy for Rhythm!

May your happiness increase!

9 responses to “WOW! BRIA SWINGS IT at THE LOUIS ARMSTRONG HOUSE (July 4, 2013)

  1. Bria is one very talented doll. I first witnessed her in action back in 2007 in Prosser, Washington and posted possibly the first YouTube video of her with her group of gals Mighty Aphrodite.

  2. Stompy Jones

    Loved it!

  3. Preston Raynie

    Bria is getting better and better. Saw her at the BIX festival in Davenport a few years go with the Mighty Aphrodite..

  4. Judy Quehl

    So good to know people all over the world are getting to hear Bria’s music. We sure miss her here in the Vancouver area! We are very proud of her!

  5. My, does that little gal swing it! She amazes me. Thanks for the fantastic video. Much love, Auntie

  6. L’ha ribloggato su daisuzoku.

  7. Hey Michael…Thanks for posting…Bria’s Louis Armstrong House concert performance was sold out…an overflow crowd set up chairs on the sidewalk of 107 St. just to listen..

  8. Lovely & credible.JAZZ LIVES forever!

  9. Catch today’s posting with Bria — it’s breath-taking. May your happiness increase, dear BL!

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