Daily Archives: August 7, 2013


Tom McDermott isn’t (by Marvel Comics’ definition) a superhero.  No cereal box features him.  He is merely a pianist of great renown — those of you who have cable television know him from TREME; those of you who have CD players know him from those little silver discs — and this coming Thursday, August 8, he will do what we know to be physically impossible . . . he will bring New Orleans to Berkeley, California with an 8 PM solo piano gig at the Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse, a local institution.

Here’s Tom rolling through and around Professor John’s TIPITINA:

And he sounds just as good from the back in black and white:

Swing, stride, funk, blues, boogie woogie, rocking music!  The Beloved and I will be there, riding the waves that Tom so generously creates. (Tom and I have mutual friends — cornetist Connie Jones and drummer Hal Smith — so we should get on fine.)

Here’s Tom’s Facebook page.  Here’s the Freight and Salvage homepage, and here’s Tom’s website.

May your happiness increase!