One of my favorite small bands — THE UNACCOUNTED FOUR (!) with Menno Daams, trumpet; David Lukacs, reeds; Martien Oster, guitar; Joep Lumeij, bass — recorded in Amsterdam at the Pianolamuseum.  JUBILEE and LULLABY OF THE LEAVES.

Fine sounds!

May your happiness increase!

7 responses to “SWINGING AT THE MUSEUM, 2013

  1. really excellent! ever play in the states?

  2. As it happens, I’ll be in New York from Oct. 2nd until Oct. 9th. Hope to see you there, Michael! I’ll be definitely sitting in with Jon-Erik Kellso at the Ear Inn on Sunday. Further suggestions on where to sit in / play / eat / hang out are very welcome!

  3. woohoo! Menno is one of my favorite trumpeters playing today,

  4. Marvellous music – marvellous playing, marvellous arrangements, marvellous sound.

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