WHO IS SHE? (2013 Edition) — featuring JAMES P. JOHNSON

Another eBay sighting: five 5 x 7″ photographs that come from the collection of Robert Altshuler.  This one is the most interesting: an onstage shot of James P. Johnson at the piano, possibly before the performance begins, discussing some detail with a female singer.  A man in a light suit is moving behind the singer.  Is the singer Chippie Hill?  I would guess that the photograph comes from the middle Forties.  I originally thought that the man in the light suit could be guiding genius Eddie Condon, but sharp-eyed Uwe Zanisch noted that the man is holding a trumpet.  Thus: somewhat small-boned Caucasian trumpet player.  Max Kaminsky?  (Thank you, Uwe!)

Any thoughts?


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9 responses to “WHO IS SHE? (2013 Edition) — featuring JAMES P. JOHNSON

  1. Definitely Chippie Hill. Eddie Condon, not so clear.

  2. It may be a concert I loved It was at the Ziegfeld Theater. It was called Red Hot and Blue. Bechet and Brunis in the band Chippie represented Bessie Proceeds to Spanish civil war fighters Chippie started to sing behind the curtain Produced by Rudy Blesh Once in a lifetime concert Eric

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  3. She certainly looks like Chippie Hill. Could the tan suit belong to Ernie Anderson, concert promoter?

  4. The man behind the singer holding a trumpet.

  5. Dan Morgenstern

    It’s Chippie, I knew her. Not Condon, he’s holding a trumpet, I’m pretty sure, look along his leg….

  6. Judging by his dark, straight hair; seemingly short, slightly stocky stature; somewhat narrow shoulders; and the bow tie, I’m going to guess the trumpeter is Max Kaminsky.

  7. Of course, Kaminsky worked with James P. at the Pied Piper around this time, and they recorded for Commodore . Chippie Hill and Johnson were both favorites of Rudi Blesh, and both did This is Jazz broadcasts, although, not together, if I remember correctly. Spanish Civil War would probably have been a cause that James P. was sympathetic to. Thanks for sharing Michael. I hope to use this for my next talk on James P. !

  8. certainly looks like Chippie.Saw her at Ryan;s in the forties. She was also on the Rudi Blesh, This is Jazz show on radio – recording available.

  9. Michael Burgevin

    The location? The low camera angle (we see underneath the piano) seems to indicate the photo was taken from a front row seat or the photograper knelt in front of the stage. I get a feeling it is in Town Hall- the panel molding detail on the back wall would help identify that, perhaps from other photgraphs- but then I am not sure whether or not these musicians performed together at one of Eddie Condon’s Town Hall concerts. Did they?
    What a neat photo!

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