Home is where you are welcomed:

Home is where you know where everything is:

Home is where the people who love you live:

Home is where you can hear the music of Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden, Joe Thomas, Coleman Hawkins, Herman Chittison, George Wettling, Chick Webb.

It’s where your Beloved opens the door.  The address doesn’t matter.


1) Ricky Riccardi’s lovely survey of THAT’S MY HOME from 1932 to 1961 here.

2) And a new discovery: Louis performing THAT’S MY HOME in Tokyo, 1963, here.

3) And a query.  I’ve never seen the original sheet music of THAT’S MY HOME.  Has anyone?  I did find out online that the opening line of the verse is “I’m a thousand miles away,” and that there was a 1961 sheet music edition with Acker Bilk on the cover.  But, beyond that?

May your happiness increase!

4 responses to “HOME SWEET HOME

  1. hey mike thanks again king louis and teagarden are the way to start the day. happy holidays!

  2. Michael Burgevin

    Oh boy… that gets it! A gem of a post – Thank YOU and RR…

  3. Music that brings tears of joy!

  4. Mike, thanks for a wonderful site, Great Music. I have used it in my jazz jottings. Ron Knight. jazzjottingswa@westnet.com.au
    It’s a weekly newsletter from Perth Western Australia

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