Very good advice from Charles LaVere, delivered with sweet sincerity by Jack Teagarden:

I know I am name-dropping here, but (as a born hero-worshiper, it might be permitted me).  I have been in the entirely exalted company of my heroes — Becky Kilgore, Dan Barrett, Paolo Alderighi, Randy Porter  — for a recording session, a club date at Ivories, and a concert at Classic Pianos (here in frosty Portland, OR).

Dan Barrett began to play this song — IT’S ALL IN YOUR MIND — on the piano and we both worked our way through the lyrics, Dan leading the way.

What other song has the words KEEP AN IDEALISTIC POINT OF VIEW in it, expressed with such tenderness and optimism?  (And it’s not jokey — “keep your sunny side up” — but secure in the faith that rescue is possible, that good things come to those who are on the path meant for them.)

I hope the world is never heavy on your heart . . . but perhaps learning this song will be a good spiritual probiotic just in case.  Blessings on La Vere, Teagarden, Kilgore, Barrett, Alderighi, Porter, and my new Portland friends. Their love — expressed in music and other ways — makes it easier to keep my idealistic point of view, to float hope on the waves of change.

P.S.  The “Classic Jazz at Classic Pianos” concert is happening tonight — doors open at 7 PM.  That still leaves a good deal of time for people to get there . . . music that will make the heart light!

May your happiness increase!


  1. Andrew J. Sammut

    Easy to do with Jazz Lives on the case…

  2. May your tail never stop wagging, fellow!

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful thoughts on my father’s composition. I’m so pleased that it is drawing the attention it has deserved for so many years. This Verve version is great, with Don Goldie’s beautiful trumpet work, but, of course, you know about the earlier version that Jack & my Dad did for Jump. Rico Vallese played cornet on that one. It’s pretty nice, too. Keep up the wonderful listening and reporting. You’re providing a worthy service to all mankind!

  4. Love the musicians who are coming to NY next Spring

    You coined spiritual probiotic What a great name

    One would think you teach English

  5. What an inspiration you are, my dear Nephew. The music, the words, so eloquently written, touch my heart deeply. I did have the honor of meeting Rebecca Kilgore,,,I was simply in awe of her. Thank you so much for the enlightening post.

  6. Idealistically speaking…I’d like more people to be playing this stuff, especially in places where they aren’t. What do y’all think???

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