BENNY 1938 repertory

The wonderful jazz drummer and string bassist Richard Pite — whom I’ve met and admired at the Whitley Bay Classic Jazz Party — told me about this upcoming concert, and it sounds quite exciting.  (My friend Sir Robert Cox has attended these romps in the past and is an enthusiastic supporter.)

On Sunday, January 26, 2014, the Jazz Repertory Company presents an afternoon concert — beginning at 3:30 PM — recreating Benny Goodman’s 1938 Carnegie Hall concert.  Jon Hancock, the authority on that original musical / cultural landmark, has this to say: “Pete Long and his musicians have gone to great lengths to recreate this concert, including original arrangements, period instruments, and even the stage seating plan. The result is an evening of fabulous music that swings like crazy, it’s a great night out, not to be missed!”

Here’s a link to the concert — where you can learn more about the Jazz Repertory Company.  And as evidence of the joyous energy that’s in store, here’s a video of Pete Long and his Orchestra (Richard on drums) in 2010, wailing through SING SING SING in a dance date:

The concert will take place at Cadogan Hall, Sloane Terrace, London SW 1. The box office phone is 020 7730 4500, and their website is  Tickets are £ 30, 25, 20, 15.  Since very few people who attended the original concert are still with us (I know of one who attended the previous recreation and was utterly delighted — a true story) this might be as close as we will get in this century.

Far into the future: on Friday, November 14, 2014, at 7:30 PM, the same orchestra at Cadogan Hall will present a partial recreation of Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller at Carnegie Hall 1939 — with the extra added attraction of Enrico Tomasso as Louis Armstrong.  (He will, of course, answer the perennial question, WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED SWING?) In addition, a small group will recreate the music of the Basie band and the Kansas City Six as first played at the 1939 From Spirituals to Swing concert.  If you can purchase tickets for both the January and December 2014 concerts at the same time, there will be a twenty percent discount.  Good deal!

May your happiness increase!

One response to “GOODMEN, NOT HARD TO FIND (in LONDON SW1)

  1. Anyone able to go, should. I’ve seen this gig twice, and Cadogan Hall is the ideal place for its acoustics – the gig is played with no amplification at all, and it’s just wonderful how the ear adjusts itself and you’re able to hear the bass and acoustic guitar.

    The music is great, the execution very good, and Pete Long will crack you up – he’s truly hilarious.

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