Worth every penny!  The eBay seller suggests that this dates from 1965, but I would say a good many years earlier.  But no quibbling.  I’d go.


Tuesday was jam session night, hence the higher price.  Join me, Messrs. Dorn, Caparone, Baker, Smith, Burgevin?


May your happiness increase!

3 responses to “MINIMUM, TWO DOLLARS

  1. It appears that this artifact dates from well before 1958, that was the year Eddie Condon’s moved from 47 West Third Street to 330 East 56th Street. A similar promo card for the 56th Street club from the late 1950s/early 1960s that is depicted in “Eddie Condon’s Scrapbook of Jazz,” advertises a weekday cover charge of $4.50, being upped to $5.00 on Friday, Saturday and holiday eves. By then, the featured musicians were: Condon, Cutty Cutshall on trombone, Yank Lawson on trumpet, Bob Wilber on clarinet, Dave McKenna on piano, and Cliff Leeman on drums.

    “Mr. Trumpet…the Trials, Tribulations
    and Triumph of Bunny Berigan”

  2. Count me in!!! But I think that card must be from the late ’40s. The lineup is almost the same as the one Ken Colyer described when he went to Condon’s circa 1948.

  3. Michael Burgevin

    The Table Tent Card- When at Farmingdale I would occasionally go in to EC- and this one night Cozy Cole came by to jam… he was handed an extended drum solo where the band left the “stage”… you could call it a bandstand if you want but Mr. Condon seemed to always have a marvelous theatrical thing going… which added to the beauty of his music- anyway- Cozy blew the socks off this 17-18 year boy.

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